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Of course there are times when we need the help assistance, guidance, learning and wisdom of our greater referral network of body and health associates, naturopaths, osteopaths, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, to ensure that you are cared for to the absolute best of our professional responsibility.

As the principal and director of the Centre my primary and soul focus is to provide authentic, consistent, highest quality caring service to every client and customer who enters or contacts the system of our comprehensive Natural Health Centre, incorporating the ever popular Float Tanks

floatation_1 floatation_2 floatation_3

To this end in the year 2000 I restructured business hours to provide 7 day service from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm to meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

This progressive change to operating hours to extend across the full twelve hour of each day redistributed therapist's shift availability and work load to complement the transition to modern flexible working hours, life style and the flexi time needs of our clients.

I knew all these changes were essential for us to be able to meet and cater for the special needs and consequence of the tightly stressed bodily demands of our primary clientele. Those folk repetitively straining their 'stilled bodies' in rigid working conditions.

Principally, being fixed at a work station each day ultimately leads to physical discomfort and comes to us as unwelcome tension, tightly withheld and racked in a human body.

Staff & - Management

Management - Proprietor and Managing Director Carol Stuart Dip Couns ACA, Hakomi Graduate Psychotherapist and registerd Remedial & Sports therapist, Certified Work place Trainer (Cert iv) ATMS member.

Receptionist Staff - 6 Available for bookings 9.00 am until 9.00 pm. Seven days

Practitioner Staff - 25 Professionally qualified Therapists all registered with major health funds to facilitate rebates to eligible members.

Our History

The Centre has been transformed from a trendy ‘New Age' Float Centre of the 1980's to a Modern day comprehensive Professional Natural Health Centre, providing a extensive range of Therapies and modalities.

- Remedial and Sports Massage - Acupuncture - Naturopathy - Nutritionists - Ayurvedic Physician - Professional Clinical Counselling for individuals, Couples, groups and Families.

Our float tanks are more popular than ever and attracting a new generation of ‘floaters' along with the loyal float client still enjoying the benefits of floating through the years.

Our Vision

To continue to improve and upgrading the standard of excellence within the centre to assure quality service and professionalism is delivered to every client at all times.

"The mission of the Bondi Junction Massage and Float Centre is to love, serve and respect clients and all fellows in a healing and nurturing environment"

Our Expertise

Management has years of valuable life experience, underpinned by a solid foundation of knowledge, qualifications, and sincerity with genuinely care for people and their welfare.

All of the administration staff are trained in customer service to listen to, actually hear, and attempt to respond to clients' specific needs and expectations professionally.

Our Therapists are all professional, qualified and chosen for their multi-skilled or specific modality.

Eg Remedial Massage Therapists can also perform service/treatment - reflexology - Aromatherapy - lymphatic drainage - Myofascial release

Sports Therapists are also able to perform Remedial Massage, lymphatic drainage etc.

Acupuncture Practitioner can perform - Chinese acupressure - Chinese Massage

Accredited Massage Practitioners

All of our 25 practitioners are members of professional associations;

Additionally all are graduates from Universities, TAFE Colleges and Government accredited Natural Health Colleges, and are registered with Health Funds for accredited rebates to fund members.

Students of professional massage studies learn extensively about human Anatomy and physiology and study the complex muscular and nervous systems that monitor and control healthy, painless bodily movement and physical flexibility.

Massage Therapists by their very hands on nature have a foundation of knowledge and are ever mindful of any possible harmful or contra -indications to free movement; they know and use their skills to treat injuries and muscle strains by massaging your, knots, tensions, aches, pains and worries away by actually contacting the activated muscular tension, unconsciously built up and retained to protect us/you from the dangers of our safety being threatened in any way, shape, manner, sound or form.

Therapists must hold current first aid certificates and are registered health fund providers enabling rebates with various Health Funds.

The Centres' 25 practitioners are ‘multi skilled', and they form our comprehensive team of professional and caring Natural Health practitioners.

Our Customers

You, our customers or potential clients are the absolute focus of our intention. We attract a wide ranging clientele from all areas of life and nations. Many are local area or city office workers, local residents, business people, professionals and trades people.

Owing to our convenient and prominent location we also treat many "travelers" who frequent our Centre looking for relief from jet-lag and general relaxation maintenance.

Many "flyers" have discovered that Flotation is a magic way to land and stabilize one's confused jet lagged bodily systems after a long flight or "whirl wind" adventure.

Many of our regular clients who have been attending our Centre over the years have developed a personal relationship with us, seeking out some escaping nourishment in welcome, quiet, tranquil ambience.

Over time many have grown to appreciate the safety and reliability of our environment and service quality and so have felt confident to introduced family members, friend, new partners and associates which adds a really precious, respected and guarded dimension of responsibility for us to preserve at all cost to ensure the Centres' warm and caring ambience is spotlessly maintained, nourished and replenished.

Any disturbance or issue is addressed by Carol, personally and immediately, in this way no complaint is ever left to ferment.

Aged, Frail, Disabled

Accessibility is a great feature for Clients with secure, affordable parking and interchange public transport virtually at arms reach. Internal lift access through out all these buildings and into the Float Centre is an essential and appreciative feature for aged or disabled clients.

We are humbled whilst also very proud to state that over the years we have aggregated records of a return clients base now approaching 15,000.


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