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Of course there are times when we need the help assistance, guidance, learning and wisdom of our greater referral network of body and health associates, naturopaths, osteopaths, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, to ensure that you are cared for to the absolute best of our professional responsibility.

As the principal and director of the Centre my primary and soul focus is to provide authentic, consistent, highest quality caring service to every client and customer who enters or contacts the system of our comprehensive Natural Health Centre, incorporating the ever popular Float Tanks

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world_heartI just completed a wonderful series of 3 floats.
The first one was the most intense with "stuff" coming up. My neck felt stiff, blocked and so was my week and my day. Since then I feel like I am back in the flow. 2 more floats gently fitting in. Thank you for providing such a beautiful space. My energy level has increased, life makes sense and I'm not bored with what I'm doing. Floating is subtle - but has magic effects.

Yuri Kuhnhardt

world_heartThe whole experience from start to finish was fantastic. From walking in the door and having friendly, warm, caring staff to kindly help me. The floating experience is relaxing and invigorating all at the same time. A great idea for pregnancy.

Thank you Lynley

world_heartGreat Centre Guys.
The inexplicable feeling of wellbeing that only a float can give you.
You keep up the good work.

Steven MacLauren

world_heartIt is my first time here, and my experience was wonderful. Floating is so natural and relaxing. I nodded off quite a few times, I was so relaxed I found it hard to get out of the tank. I feel very blessed to have such a beautiful nurturing experience as a new Mum, I really needed it. I will be back for sure.
Jules Star

world_heartI am used to " dry" relaxation and meditation, being a yoga teacher. This was a very different experience, more sensory physically which seems to help the baby relax quickly. I loved gently bumping against the walls. Thank you for the experience.


world_heartI have been coming to Float and Massage Centre for 7 years. It is a very special place to me whenever I need to heal rest recover or just get grounded, this is where I come. The staff are so warm, friendly and professional, and the energy is always so peaceful and inviting. I a very grateful to the centre in fact, I don't know what I would do without it. I come for my float and massage every week it is a very centering time for me, and it keeps me sane, balanced and relaxed. Thank you all.

Alice Crawley

world_heartDear Carol,

It is that time of the year when one reflects over the past 12 months and remembers the wonderful educational events that the students attended, to help make their learning experience a great one. For this Carol, I write today, to say a big thank you to you and your staff at The Bondi Junction Massage and Float Centre.

As you know, the beauty school students of ACNT, completing their Advance Diploma of Beauty Therapy and Spa are required to complete a module on Flotation Therapy, which also counts to their learning requirements for the international CIDESCO Beauty and Spa Diploma. If it wasn't for you and your business, the students would not be able to experience a real life float experience I appreciate the times that you have allowed for us to visit you over this year and again I thank you.

May your business prosper throughout 2009 and we look forward to continuing the relationship with you.

Yours sincerely

Vanessa Prochowski
Senior Lecturer
Beauty and Spa Department
Australian College of Natural Therapies

My first time in a flotation tank and it was a wonderful experience.


I feel so relaxed and have a better understanding of floatation therapy

Thank you Tessa

Thank you so much for your kindness, my stress was relieved.


world_heartThank you for allowing us to come and experience your floatation tanks. It made me forget my troubles and think of my childhood again.

Jenny Rosas


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