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What are the benefits of floating?


The big deal is that floating gives you more than just floating! Here's how it works: the dense water makes it easy to float, so you can relax. The temperature is just right so that you can really relax. That means your postural muscles don't have to work at all. The muscles send a chemical message to the brain saying in effect "You can relax too, the environment is friendly" The blood vessels near the skin relax allowing more blood flow. Within a few minutes you feel better, less stressed, your body and mind become more relaxed more quickly than in any other natural state. The increased blood flow and freedom from pressure promotes healing of muscle strains and relief from joint pain. Research has found that floating brings on brain waves associated with deep relaxation and meditation. Some people meditate on their feelings, some have wonderful daydreams. The more you float the better it gets. Research has also shown consistent improvement in performance after floating, in all kinds of activities from running marathons to jazz playing...


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